Alteno,May 11.-13. 2001

3.Place for the Golden "Vette" in Alteno

At beautiful weather the 14.Grand Nationals in Alteno (D) took place on this weekend.We found clean driver stocks with toilets and showers.Unfortunately only a few teams had traveled to the raceplace.At the competition-class were only their 4.
On Friday the race-organizer worked the whole day at the track.They rubberized the track and puted drag bite on it for a good traction.At the begining of the evening was then a free training. We used the opportunity to our first run in this year.Considerable time of 8.809 sec.looked out! We began with the fine tuning for running.The distance permitted us only very few numbers of revolutions when starting.The strength,which the engine gives,would come otherwise not on the track!
On Saturday smoothly 4 qualifications were driven.We used two of it.With much fine feeling and minimum capacity factor it succeeded to Bruno with 8.104 and 8.063 as Top Quali at the point of the field too sat down.The "Golden Vette" had gotten over your first acid test of the seasen well. Around midnight we enjoyed still another super fireworks.But those very loud music,which roared from the party tent to us over there,robbed however the sleep from us.
OnSunday morning were training-runs,show-runs and the 1/4 final of the larger classes. Unfortunately became the grip of the track thereby not better.In the 1/2 final,which took place in the afternoon,we met on Andreas Kästner with his dragster.Despite super a response time of 0.015 sec.! (the red thread-redlight-has thereby surely already a little glowed) the "Golden Vette" already lost a running when starting.The rear tire could not bring the enormous strength on the track.Also the second doorslammer,driven from Björn Lähndorf,lost his semifinal against a dragster.Thus the 2 dragster of Andreas Kästner and Traudl Moser faced each other in the final.Both shot with very good response times from the tree.The stretching final won finally Traudl Moser with her new structured dragster.Congratulation!

Photos by Christoph Lange

The "Golden Vette" at the burnout to the topquali run.

The engine and transmission works fine.

Doorslammer against dragster.Björn Lähndorf and Andreas Kästner at a quali run.

The winner in Competition.Traudl Moser in her new rebuild dragster.

Lothar Feith with a new,beautiful designe,runs and wins in SuperComp.

"Mister T"s Corvette from Stefan Giese winns the SuperGas race.

Two unusals cars.In front Jan Hardekopf with his beautiful MG dragster.

The youngster Timo Habermann impress with his runs to the topquali in SuperComp.

Michael Krenz has unfortunately engine trouble.

The czech Vaclaw Hutla runs in SuperTwin TopGas.His self made bike has 183cui.!

The two jetcars at the nightshow.