Chambley, April 28 + 29, 2001

Bad season start

For numerous Dragrace-Pilots on the passed weekend the running season in Chambley would have begun. But always recurring downpours on Saturday and Sunday prevented that dry the distance.For instance 20`000 spectators waited unfortunately in vain for a dragster-power-show.Only few motorcycle and streetclasses dared themselves on the distance and maintained the many traveled engine port fans with its runs.Up to late Sunday afternoon we hoped to test few once the Corvette on heart and kidneys.Unfortunately in vain now we must wait for two long weeks,um finally experience,what is really 2001 in the "Golden Vette"!
Photos by Christoph Lange

Umbrellas was needed at this weekend.

Heavy sky over the pitarea.

Yvonnes first run in this season.... the drizzle.

This is not smoke behind the tires,this is only water.

Dennis Weikum and his crew are well protect against the weather.

Enough time for talking.Yvonne,Fränzi and SuperTwin TopGas driver Herman Jolink.

Sunday morning,we have try to make a test run.

All was ready for the test.

But just before our run,Horst Schön with his funnycar had a wild ride.This was a lot work for the timingcrew,and it still rains again before it was done.