Hockenheim D, August 17 - 19, 2001

Golden "Vette" succeeds a great comeback at the Hockenheim and arrives into the final round !

On the passed weekend the Nitrolympics, the largest Drag Racing Event in Europe, took place at the Hockenheim ring. With very best weather conditions approx 60'000 spectator visited the meeting. No less than 270 teams had announced themselves for running and offered to the inspired public 3 days long thrillings duels.

Voltage was situated also in air, when the Golden "Vette" team set up itself on Friday morning for the first qualification run in the lineup. After the preceding repairs of the chassis and steering elements (accident sequences of Mössling) the team wanted to test the straight line discharge of the Corvette with a solo run. As in old times the Golden "Vette" left the light barriers with a small wheelie and mastered the distance without evident problems. When the dragster sat down also still to the point of the qualifyinglist, the whole team draw a deep breath relieved. Also following qualification runs existed the Corvette with brilliantly. All four runs within only 2 hundredth seconds!

1. qual 7.766 sec. - .684 under index
2. qual 7.767 sec. - .683 under index
3. qual 7.747 sec. - .703 under index
4. qual 7.761 sec. - .689 under index

Thus the best form of the Golden "Vette" acknowledged itself.

in the first elimination - round on Saturday evening applied it to strike the Frenchman Jean Dulamont with his 9254 ccm dragster. He had qualified itself in the rear part of the field. So the Corvette did not have to be driven with this run to her own limits.

Because of oil down the second elimination - round delayed itself on Sunday morning by 1.1/2 hours! Danny Bellio from Belgium , which applied to strike it next , had touched durning his first elimination - run on Saturday evening the wall of the racing course. The Funny Car with a 9828 ccm engine got off thereby fortunately with only a few light scratch marks. With the following duel against the Funny Car heaves itself the Corvette powerfully from the start line. A Top run, that with a personal hot lap was recompensed by 4,914 seconds on the 1/8 mile !!!

Into the 1/2 finals Bruno met on John Tebenham from Great Britain. His turbocharged Ford Probe with 2000-ccm was starting at the Main Event in Santa Pod against the Corvette. At that time Bruno decided a running for itself. Also this revenge could decide the Corvette for itself and thus was achieved the final !


The final opponent was called, like already often in all the years, Gerd Habermann from Germany. He had improved his time with the dragster continuously from run to run! Both pilots were consciously that this running would become exciting. Gerd Habermann was in the last run more under index, so he could say one witch lane he would like to start. Was that a disadvantage for Bruno?
Strained all observed the starting procedure.
Finally - yellow - green - go!!!!
What was that?!
The starting tree on Gerd Habermanns side showed a red light, but the yellow winner light did not turn on. With a small lead in relation to the dragster the Golden "Vette" crossed the finish line. It was an evidently very good run of Bruno! But.... In the display no time lit up - neither on the right or left lane. Over radio of a safety guide the team heard about the victory of the Golden "Vette" !!!
Jubilant - to having the trick created - the team drove over to his driver to congratulate for the victory.

The joy did not last for a long time.....
Time measurement had not functioned and so the mating had to make a repetition of the run.
In order to take it directly in front - it did not come to the so-called re run. A security man stopped the crew of the Golden "Vette" for a half hour and so they could not go back to the dragster. In the meantime long "Big Martin" had the Golden "Vette" at the hook and withdrew these into the pitarea. All neighbouring teams helped to make the "Vette" within 10 minutes again race ready. But the team did not create it at the prestage area to appear punctual.

In the meantime Gerd Habermann with its team was long ready in the prestage area, and the safe victory could driven home itself. Witch for a sporty gesture to wait for us !!!!!!!!!

So we hade two finalists but no winner.......

Gerd Habermann & Bruno Bader

Photos by Christoph Lange

The two finalists, Gerd Habermann against Bruno Bader.

Video from Finalrun (1.5MB)

Peter Beck from Switzerland has win, the Top Fuel challenge, against Rico Anthes (D).

At a qualirun Yvonne go very intent into the stage because she need a good reactiontime for her qualification place.

Yvonne ( right ) in the first elimination round against Dennis Habermann. After a very good launch she was a little bit to fast and lose with a breakout from 0.112 sec.