Santa Pod, 26. - 28. Mai 2001

Win in Santa Pod

It is an absolut great feeling to win in Santa Pod ! Only already for the far way one is gladly compensated. Why the largest and best racing course from England is avoided completely by the many Competitiondrivers of the mainland and Skandinavien, perhaps may be because of the high costs of the ferry....

Neverthless took place on weekend in Santa Pod the first FIA-runs for the EM 2001 of the Pro-classes. The user fields of the different Sportsman-classes were well filled-except Competition ! Beside us Marco Maurischat from Germany and the Englishman John Tebenham was mentioned as users. Only 3 teams. Well,which one wants to make.

But all three teams were firmly decided to win the race. But the devise was many more important:
-- to achieve personel hotlap
-- give times rubber again correctly
-- to enjoy and the atmosphere at the race-place

The track had been prepared by the responsible persons very well and the sun showed up on Saturday of its best side.
With its first run Bruno was already good 6 tenths under his class index. The second run was not so fast,in addition,good.

On Sunday-morning was rain over the track. Around 5.00 p.m. we stepped for the 3rd and last qualifying. On the burnout Bruno had to fight with a tireshake. Renewed traction problems when starting,in addition still somewhat late shifted - the time only 7,9 sec.

Monday ( in England was holiday ) was Finalday ! At the 1/2 final Bruno no other driver to fight against him, he had a byrun. So he did not have to go to his limits. Unfortunately Marco Maurischat did not have a lot of luck durring the whole weekend. After a transmission trouble the team of Marco could not fix the car till the start of the race. So Marco could not drive the 1/2 final against John Tebenham. Thus the final mating was Ford Probe against Golden"Vette". With a fantastic start ( 1.112 60 feet, and a great 4.983 on the 1/8 mile) we said good-bye to England. Bruno left no chance to its opponent and won the duel to consider.

One are safe: Even if the Competition-class would be better filled, those hotlap of the Golden"Vette" one would have had to strike first.

Photos by Remco Scheelings

A rare picture from England;waiting in the lineup with sunshine!

Heavy burnout before the finalrun.

Have a look to the Trucks on the left.

Already at the launch,with 1.112sec. 60foottime (103 km/h),the final was win.

Also Marco Maurischat had to fight with tireshakes.

The team from Marco try to fix the transmission for the 1/2 final.But it don`t wanna work again.