Wittstock, 29. June- 1. July 2001

1. Place in Wittstock

With new personel best 60 feet time!

The 12 hour trip at Thursday, to the 4.race this season, was very rainy. One time more we fit our tent in the rain. Just the work was don, the sun was shining. The whole weekend the weather stay nice and hot, only at saturday night was a thunderstorm.

Unfortunately was the supporting programme not so big then they announce them. But the 150 present Dragsterteams dont take care of them. After tech-inspection at Friday the track was open for testruns.

The track was in a very good condition, and the trackcrew under instruction from Peter Lantz has don always a great job.
Four Top Fuelers from Sweden was also there. They was driving a run to the swedish Top Fuel championat.

From the 16 Competition cars was unfortunately 5 teams not arrived. So the qualification at Saturday starts with 11 cars in Competition.

After the 1 . run ( 7.750 sec. ) the Golden"Vette" was already 0.700 sec. under our classindex ! ( C/A 8.45 Sec.)

In the second qualification we tested other tires and set ups. The problem with the tireshakes at the burnout, that we have the last times, must be clarify!
The 2. run was a howler ! With the other tires Bruno makes a John Force burnout. Like on rails the car set the whole track under smoke. Also the spectators was enthusiastically. In the following run the "Vette" had a tireshake that the door go open and Bruno must break off this run, because he can`t see anything.

The 3 . run was a little better ...but also with tireshakes.

Befor the first elimination at Sunday , a bye run , we change again the tires. After once more tireshake , if Bruno shift in second gear , he break off also this run.
Back in the pit we make a phoncall with Schöfer`s. They have a lot experience with tireshakes. We become some tips that we try and they was working . ( thank you Wolfi ! )

In the second elimination must Bruno , because of Lähndorfs good reactionstime , drive down his dialin about two hundred of a second for reach the halffinal. ( 7.921 sek. )

In the halffinal was three Swiss teams :

Meierhofer CH - bye -
Grossmann CH against Bader CH

Although Grossmann at the tree can leave 3 tenth sec. sooner , was the Golden " Vette " already at the launch in front . ( 1.125 sec. 60 foottime ) To take care of the trans-heat just before the final, it was a 8.4 sec. good enough for win .

Thus was in the final two smallblock Dorslammer !
RPM against torque !
Probably the sun was standing not straight on the sky , then the both cars makes a red light. The Golden"Vette" with a big wheeli and a new personel best time (1.111 sec. 60 foottime ) wins the final, then Meierhofer "blushed" first. That's Drag Racing .
Because Bruno has not see his redlight ,he drive with a 7.804 his classindex about 4 hundreds sec. down , for win the race!

We thank`s at all helpers from the organization for here work during the race.

Photos by Christoph Lange

Final in competition: Banana Split against Golden"Vette".

Bruno heat the tires.

With a big wheeli in the finalround, we achieve a new personel best 60 foottime ! 1.111 sec.

Also Rene Meierhofer with his Porsche leave always with big wheelis the stagingline .

Susanne Callin the young girl from Sweden was with 8.918 sec. topquali in Supercomp. She can get through all the rounds and win her first race in this class.

Also in Super Gas wins the topquali ,Olaf v.Spreckelsen , the finalround.

With his Opel GT was Rudi Füssel runner up in Super Street .

Junior Dragster; Dennis Habermann before Markus Habermann.

Torsten Kath at the burnout with his Pro Mod.

Probably about this the Pro Mods makes only 8 sec. runs this weekend .

All Top Fuelers runs in the low 5 sec. without one oildown.