Hockenheim D, 16. - 18. August 2002

At mid-summer heat, the nitrolympics in Hockenheim took place last weekend. The new race course let nearly 100.000 spectators find their way to Hockenheim.
On Thursday there was busy pedestrian traffic at the new race course. A lot of teams took a look at the new quartermile and were amazed at the many changes. What shurely pleased every team was the considerably shortened towing distance.
The drivers meeting on Thursday was a little bit long and boring - but necessary because there were some changes in the pits, too.

Final Juniordragster : Dennis Weikum against Yvonne Bader

Mac Maniac second winner
Altogether 9 kids from England, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland ran in the juniors class on Friday, among them 3 girls. Only this was enough motivation. The race could begin.

With a reaction time of only 0.051 seconds Yvonne took the lead of the field even after the first qualifying, followed by Michaela Malmgreen from Scandinavia.
Unfortunately, because of some oildowns on friday, this was the only run at that day.

On saturday the race started on time at 9.00. Yvonne was very discontented about her run and was muttering something about the timekeeping afterwards. At the end she only ran a 0.564 second reaction time.
Even more she was happy about her 3rd run and an excellent 0.058!! So she could confirm her leadership anyway at the end
Finally a shower, the heat was nearly unbearable.....

The quarterfinals launched on sunday at 12.40. Yvonnes first opponent was Markus, the "biggest" of the boys. But she stayed cool as never before and sent home the last year winner with a reaction time of 0.037. Additionally she ran 3 hundredth to her index!
Also Patricia bumped off the British Adam and came into the next round. Unfortunately the girls now had to run against each other.

The young ladys showed weak nerves: Both launched to early, but Patricia got red first and Yvonne was in the final.

Only Dennis was lost among the boys. He had won his run against the blond Robin.

In the meantime the thermometer showed 32 degrees. As in the "big" classes we stood in the prestart area with sunshades and waited for the final.

It was a good feeling for the whole team to be in the final of the nitrolympics for the 4th time in a row with one of our dragsters.

Yvonne once more gave everything, but at the finish line it was not enough for the big triumph.

The victory went to Dennis Weikum, who brought home deservedly the cup of the German Dragracing Masters

Competiton 1/2 Final : Klaus Romahn against Bruno Bader

Gotham City in 1/2 Final
In the class of the competition eleminators 19 participants called. On Friday at 13.00 the first Qualifying was run. We were satisfied with our 7.795 seconds. This brought us to the second place by now.
The second run brought a little improvement up to 7.774 seconds.

Unfortunately not the time we hoped for. Obviously because the corvette didn't reach her usual 60 feet time even at the start.

On Saturday also 2 qualifyings were planned. No chance. One of the runs was cancelled early.

Only one run lost to test our new tuning. Normally we test twice after a setup.

At 12.30 the last opportunity to mix up the rankings ( 4. rank ). This time the 60 feet time was much better, but afterwards the traction was not too good and we "only" had a 7.801 blinking at the display.

Gotham City can do this better.....

After every run the drivers ( or their mechanics ) met at the Mobile tower, where the listings were put up. Everyone armed with paper and pencil ( ballpens don't work in this position during we copied)

And like every year we calculated our flow charts ourselves.

Even the very kind guys at the prestart didn't know, who would be running against who now! And the race was just about to start in 30 minutes.

The 1/8 final was planned for 19.00.

We had to race against Björn. Obviously he has had problems at the qualifyings, too and found himself only on the 12th rank. We knew that his dragster could do very much more.

Both ran with the same index - very thrilling... But Björn made such a false start, that Bruno could see the red light. And so Bruno breaked off his run early and we were in the next round.

On Sunday ( quarterfinal ) our next opponent was called Andreas. Bruno was 0,45 sec. ahead at the lights, Andreas raced after him and ran his best time of the weekend. Nevertheless, this was not enough and so we reached the semi-final.

The now following run against Klaus was a highlight for all the Corvette fans! Klaus had a superb setup for his dragster this weekend and was qualified second. It would be very hard to beat the beautiful red Corvette.

The atmosphere was great and the thrill was going up as both stood at the start!

Once more I smoothed my green coloured hair - as if I knew something...

Then: a great burnout of Gotham City. Prestage - stage - go !

Like she was stiched by a wasp Gotham City started and made a red light. There was only one comfort for us - we only lost against the final winner
Congratulations Klaus !