Mantorp S, 26 - 28 July 2002

Great Time for Bruno Bader!

After the damage to the engine of Vandel (DK) we made ourselves as fast as possible on the way to Sweden. Already on Monday around 12:00 we stood before the gates of the Mantorp park to find in hope, inlet. Many aids were already busy to prepare the driver camp and the racing course for the forthcoming event. After short demand we were allowed to finally break our tents open.

The repair

We started working, in order to finally have certainty, what everything was broken. Now war's around the nights happen - the planned vacation on the camping site blown off. Once change cam shaft please. I had the feeling to divide a whole car. But we had again luck in the misfortune. The cam shaft did not exhibit a straight break and had God is arranged thanks - further damage!
In the driver camp slowly driving began. Klaus Romahn including extended family had already traveled on Monday. He came to us to assistance if we somewhat too secondly did not create. Special thanks to Klaus! In the evening, with the Barbeque still little holidays tendency arose. But afterwards, and into which the following nights had we to work much again. Only this way the Gotham will be finish until Thursday. All the time we could smell the sweet of glue in the air and we could see, at which expenditure the track was prepared.


After arduous days everything was again prepared and we began to the qualification runs. Equal a time aroud 7 seconds, we never had expected... and after 3 qualification runs Bruno was on the 5. Place of 28 participants!

And finally the dream time was there!
7,691 sec. 1/4 mile
4,885 sec.. 1/8 mile
1,085 seconds for the 60 foot

Yvonne had completed 4 qualification runs and slipped on the 17. Place from 29 participants

Eliminationen on Saturday

All day long over we waited for the 1/16 final, but several oil-downs prevented this again and again. It was 19:00 until we finally stood in the LINE UP.
Yvonne had a good day - she already eliminated two of your opponents and was safe in the 1/4 final.
Also Bruno won his run, but he had interconnected and now we had to check the transmission.

Eliminationen on Sunday

Ours minimal goal was reached!! - Both Dragster were at the starting line on Sunday. Finally it is an unforgettable experience- to drive in front of a such inspired public.
Our slogan was natural to keep up as far as possible. Both Yvonne and Bruno created it in the 1/2 final to actually keep up - Great!
For our team this placing was a special success, and a confirmation for it, that we are on the right way with the Gotham City