Vandel DK, 20 - 21 July 2002

Yvonnes first victory!

After a rainy travel we reached Vandel on Friday against noon. The gates of the driver camp opened at 2:00 p.m. and were friendly received from the supervisors. The rain seemed to leave and during our working, the track was prepared.

The qualification of Saturday

On Saturday Yvonne completed altogether 5 qualification runs. There were a 8-field witch was driven, but unfortunately only 6 juniordragster were mentioned. With a response time of 0.024 sec., Y vonne had only at the 4 place of the qualification.
Also the 7 vehicles of the Competition class were ready to drive at least 3 qualification runs. Despite the small field some strong competitor had travel to Denmark.

Directly in our first run of the weekend a small accident occurred

That may not be true......
Although a strong wind blew, Bruno reached the finish-line with the first run in super a time of 7,800 seconds. The discharge zone was approx. 900 meters long and after 90 a degree curve parked all vehicles, in order afterwards by your teams in the dragging rope to be taken.

I parked the Quad like always before the Dragster. Bruno fastened itself the tow rope and I wanted straight in the car set as it happened..... Behind the Dragster of Kim Kristiansen came two blown up parachutes with high speed to us. Despite violent signs and cry from us, and the presented fire-fighter could not prevent the collision. Helplessly gotten jammed it gave to away-jump for me no more possibility! Shocked I sought to bring me somehow after a way out in security. We had to see, how the parachute flew in to our beautiful, new car. By force it hurled the Gotham-City first in the Quad. The tail was torn and the Dragster came afterwards crosswise in the meadow to. Understandably we were rather annoying that Kim reacted not to our indications and braked his dragster!

That was really a dumb accident which one could have prevented. The same problem we knows also in Mantorp. Four eager aids waive all day long the parachutes of the running cars, and roll these also still perfectly together! Without someone a reproach to make I hope that participants and supervisors learn somewhat from it. We, estimate the work of the most diverse supervisors and their aid much.

The damage

Fortunately the cords did not hang up at the tail, would be more badly been with security..... So the wheel-bars had to believe in it. The front and the tail spoiler had tears and dents, which we sealed with tape simply. The wheel-bars looked however precariously bent. And so we were all day long busy to arrange this again straight. A friendly Norwegian team helped us thereby - thank you "T A"!

The eliminationen of Sunday

The Juniordragster field was internationally occupied because they drove the Nordic dragster-racing series 2002.

Yvonnes of first opponents was called calculated Julia Stolt from Sweden, which was Top Qualfier. But she showed no nerves and drove a red light. In the 1/2 final Yvonne had the first bye run and she stood in the final. The second finalist was the Norwegian Jan M Dalen with an index of 15,7 seconds. The index of Yvonne amounted to 10,7 seconds. The meant one waiting period at the starting-light of long 5 seconds, in which the opponent already drives direction to the finish-linie.
Now only no red light......
The light on green and Mac Maniac began with the catching up hunt. Both drove to the finish-linie and only the time slip brought clarity - Jan had undercut by 0,302 seconds. The meant Yvonnes first victory at an international dragracing!

After the repair work at the Gotham-City, which lasted the whole Saturday, Bruno took no risk, and completed in the 1/4 final against Danny Bellio a safety run, which he could decide for itself. In the 1/2 final it catapulted the Gotham-City against Rene Meierhofer in an exciting run over the 1/4 mile, and decided the run with 7,782 seconds for itself.
Our final opponent was called Marco Maurischat, which interspersed itself before sovereign against all opponents. With super response time submitted Bruno against the Dragster. Then the catching up hunt of Marco began. It seemed to become a very much stretching final nevertheless briefly before the finish-line said good-bye our cam shaft and the winner was called Marco Maurischat.
2. Place of the Gotham-City, simply great!

Unfortunately only a short time remained for us to make us happy about good placing of the team. Nevertheless the damage to the engine of the Gotham-City made large concerns for us....
How should we create it to begin only some days later in Sweden with the large Sko Uno dragster-festival?