Gotham City

I may introduce myself : My name is Gotham City ! I am the new dragster of the Golden "Vette" team .

My exterior was copied by a 63' Corvette . Quite particulary swarms the new owners of my chassis .

Slime and a good piece longer than my predecessor do I stay at the workshop of my new owners .

Naturally the two passed running seasons in the USA left their marks on me . Finally I was there with fast times in the Pro Mod Class .

Nevertheless my new owners are inspired by me .

I look forward to smaller repairs at my body . After a short view into my inside it was clear that I will also get some new wires .

My colours are looking still so freshly that I can keep my "old dress" for the first time .

And the engine which I inserted , have I get already seen - mmmhhh .

Let's go to work people .

I'm looking forward to my comeback with the Golden "Vette" team !